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The ACC Corner
Date:  1/28/2018

Congrats to you all for great work improving your homes throughout the summer.  It has definitely been noticed and the ACC committee members jobs are getting easier and quite frankly, more rewarding.  We have had numerous homes sell for over $200k including one selling for $237k a month ago.  This could not happen if everyone wasn’t doing their part in making Woodstream desirable by everyone.

With every round of inspections, we always seem to get a handful of complaints which is to be expected.  I wanted to take a minute to explain how our process works.  We have 3 members of our ACC committee.  Each member completes their monthly inspection independently within a 5 day window.  The Vice President oversees that process making sure that all 3 are being fair but thorough.  The VP then compares all 3 inspection reports.  If a home is found to be in violation by 2 of the 3 inspectors, it is considered a valid offense and a letter is mailed.  The review process along with generating letters, folding letters, putting them in envelopes, and mailing them out takes about 5-10 days depending on schedules and the number of violations written.

Some of the complaints have been that the violation was already taken care of before the homeowner received the letter.  That could be completely true but it doesn’t mean that you weren’t in violation at the time of the inspection.  It those cases, the violation and possibly a fine would be legitimate and therefore would be sustained.

The good news is the number of violations has went down considerably since this Board of Directors and ACC team began taking action in April.  Again, we appreciate all of your hard work.  Your neighbors appreciate it as well.  We’ve even had realtors mention how much better the subdivision looks compared to past years. 

Job Well Done!!!

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